Words can hurt!

  1. Words can hurt~Nikki Lilly
  2. Ikea’s fully a plant~say no to bullying
  3. Ikea~Chinese subtitle
  4. Will Smith Surprises Viral Video Classmates for their kindness~Ellen 
  5. Students give amazing gifts to bullies children~video
  6. 蘇打綠~你在煩惱甚麼

The Wonderful World of Hayao Miyazaki

  1. world best animation~till 2018

Butterflies and Elephants

  1. animal idiom song~2 mins
  2. The science of stage fright~TED

The Earth’s Mysterious Neighbor

  1. Full moon, more crime? — a short clip
  2. goodnight moon~story
  3. the Beatles~Mr. Moonlight

Dying to look good

  1. Plastic Surgery Clinic commercial~click
  2. Animation~3 mins
  3. Beauty~documentary on Social Beauty Standards
  4. How people define beauty around the world~cut
  5. Beautiful~Christina Aguilera

the Monkey’s Paw

10 cursed objects~clip

The monkey’s paw~lego

Let’s Be Diverse

  1. Learning to protect biodiversity~3 mins
  2. Why is biodiversity so important~Chinese subtitle
  3. The Irish Potato Famine~5 mins
  4. biodiversity day animation film~1 min

The Road Not Taken

  1. The Road Not Taken~2 mins animation
  2. Ford~commercial
  3. Chevrolet~commercial
  4. Audi~commercial
  5. 荼蘼~AB version
  6. funny version~2 mins
  7. Concrete Shape Poems~1 min
  8. How to make a concrete Poem~1 min

A Glimpse into the Future

  1. Past and Present/ Technology then and now~5 mins
  2. Ellen introduces kids to the technology of yesterday~8 mins
  3. Mark Zuckerberg~Jarvis

mental illness

  1. 我們與惡的距離~關於理解
  2. 18 pictures to depict mental illness~3 mins 
  3. 16 pictures by an architect~6 mins